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Name DBA/2Mlac  
Sciencetific Name Mus  musculus  
Strain DBA/2Mlac  
Source Central Institute of Experimental Animal; CIEAJapan (1999)  
Coat color Dilute Brown  
Biological Data    
Adult body weight  Male 25-40 grams,Female  20-35 grams.  
Average life span 2-3years.  
Age at mating Male 8-9 weeks, Female 8-9 weeks.  
Estrous cycle  4-5 days  
Duration of estrus 6-11 hours  
Reproductive time 8-12 months  
Gestation period  19-22 days  
Weaning age  19-21 days  
Litter size 1-7 pups (average 3.25)  
Normal birth weight  1-2 grams  
Post partum estrus - No -  
Food consumption  3-6 grams /animal/day (Adult)  
Water consumption 8-10 ml/animal/day (Adult)  
Growth rate - No -  

Breeding Systems

Two mating systems are applied in breeding DBA/2Mlac mouse inbred strain. Brother-sister full-sip mating system is used to maintain the strain in foundation stock and traffic light system is used breeding for production.

Foundation Stock

One male and one female of brother-sister are paired permanently throughout their breeding life span. This system allows to record complete breeding data.

Production Stock  

                The harem system or polygamous mating system is used for production animals. One male is housed with 2-4 females and pregnant females are removed to separate cages before parturition. This method increased production of animals.


The mouse is housed in controlled environment. The ventilation, temperature and humidity are controlled by HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, Air conditioning) system.  

- Temperature ranged at about 24 ± 2 ํC 

- Relative humidity range of about 55 + 10%

- Air changes per hour 10-15 ACH

- Light: dark cycle 12:12 hours

- Mouse is sensitive to noise so the noise level should be maintained at 
< 85 db.

Feed and water

           Mouse is fed on the commercial diet (No. CP 082) product of Perfect companion group co. Ltd., the animal feed manufacturer which milled according to our requested specifications. Food is provided in stainless steel wire- bar lid feeders ad libitum. The RO Water is used for the drinking water which is chlorinated at a concentration of 10-12 ppm to make it free from Pseudomonas aeruginosa. The drinking water is provided in bottles with sipper tubes.


 Hard wood chips (or shaving) is used for mouse as bedding material. The same bedding is used in shipping containers. Dried bedding is packed in brown paper bags and sterilized by autoclave at 135 C for 7 minutes before used.


Cages used for DBA/2Mlac

Dimensions of Enclosure (W×L×H)(centimeter)


Maximum Number Animals/Enclosure


Types of Enclosure & Description



21.3 × 36.2 × 18.5

6 animals/cage (or) 1 animal (lactating female)/cage

Polysulfonate cages with stainless steel wire-bar lid

19 × 30× 13
(open cage)

6 animals/cage (or) 1 animal (lactating female) / cage

Polycarbonate cages with stainless wire-bar lid


Space requirment for DBA/2Mlac mouse 

Weight, g.


floor Area/Animal, in2




Under 10



Up to 15



Up to 25 12 5
Over 25 At least 15 5